Site Visit Part 2

While I loved my site visit, there were moments in the beginning where I began to question my being here. How the hell was I supposed to learn a new language when I already struggle with Amharic? How the hell was I supposed to teach students with low English? How was I supposed to integrate into my community when I felt so much like an outsider? More specifically, how the hell was I going to live in a little 2 bedroom house that has no furniture, only one light and no electrical sockets? (Thankfully, the light and socket situation will be sorted out as I asked for another light to be placed and at least three electrical sockets in my house). Since I was not shown the shower room, I also imagined myself sitting in a little bucket filled with water either in my bedroom or kitchen/living room trying to shower. Thankfully, I was later informed by Tekle, my community liaison and vice-director at my school that there is somewhere to shower but I would still have to use a bucket.


The first day at site, I imagined the worst. I did not know where to start and was overwhelmed with the task at hand. But on that night, when I talked to Teddy over dinner and met the American people working at the health clinic, I began to feel much better. Teddy explained that there are many ways to get involved and to stay busy. He stated that because he is so secluded, he is more prone to studying the languages and practice it with his community. He loved the fact that he had to learn two languages. As he was speaking, I saw how genuinely happy he was with his site that it made me hopeful that one day, I would get there too. With enough practice, patience, will and determination I could someday see the upside of being so secluded. What made me more excited is when we started talking about secondary projects. I could get involved with the elementary school, I could get involved with the local NGOs and the health clinic and I could even get involved with the teachers by giving workshops. Teddy was very aware that his moods on different days affected how he interacted with people out in the community. He stated “if I was sick or cranky, I would be bothered by the little things that usually don’t bother me. If I wanted to re-direct my energy, I first had to figure out how I was feeling that day.”

Sounds just like Peace Corps...
Sounds just like Peace Corps…

With all that being said, I have concluded that I will learn to love this community and the new languages. I will learn to adapt and integrate because it is what I have to do. There is either do or don’t. There is to succeed or fail my way out. In order to begin my new life, I need a little help from my people back home. I have made a list of “NEED” and “WANT.” I am asking for those back home to send my way, not only prayers and kind words but send a little something so I can begin to feel at home again.




Grammar Book – Cliff notes

Books (or an e-reader if you’re feeling generous)

Sweaters from home and cardigans of different colors

Zip-lock containers

Thermos for hot drinks

Push pins

Vitamins (if you want to send me this, please shoot me an email, as I have forgotten my vitamins in Butajira and therefore cannot remember the name)

Adapter as the only adapter that connects my American phone, my ipod and my sony electronic is starting to break


Mechanical pencils and eraser

Sheets – Full

Toothpaste – COLGATE spearmint or wintergreen


Sharpies and stickers (at home)

Black, blue and maroon v-necks – Small or Medium

A really good spatula

Hot chocolate packets

Mac and cheese

Soup cans – chicken noodle, tomato, vegetable

Parmesan cheese or feta cheese

Pistachios, nuts or dry fruit

Power bars

Snickers or other candy

Headbands and hair clips

Oatmeal with raisin packs

Another recyclable water bottle

Conditioner – Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioner

Dry shampoo

My black and white converse (back home)

Current episodes of shows

If you need my P.O. Box for Bonga or I haven’t given it to you, please shoot me an email as I would love any help I can get.


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  1. Mary Ann says:

    Send me your mailing address for packages and we will send you a care package. John and I talked about an e-reader. Do you have certain authors you like? We can preload it with some books for you.

    Sent from my iPad



    1. I like the classics, so how to kill a mockingbird for example. Authors to add would be: james patterson, Karen Robards, J.D. Robb, Jodi Picoult, nicholas sparks and any other authors you think deem worthy. I really want to get started reading on books that have won nominations so recommendations are a must. Thanks John and Mary Ann! If you need me for anything else, you know my email and I actually just sent one out with information.


  2. Dennis says:

    Yeah, we all thought about quitting too. You’ll probably feel that way again. It’s OK.

    Get out when you’re feeling down and meet with friends. Find a hotel with a hot shower and a/c and you’ll feel better. Nothing like feeling clean…


  3. girl i was about to say wtf!! you don’t have any electrical outlets in your house!!! OH NO hahah but its good they will put some in.. ill be jealous if they put in 3. i only have 1 in my house lol


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