Why Public Health is my future track

When I was living in Honduras, I wanted to be a doctor. My mother played into my childhood dream and bought me a stethoscope which I played with just about every day. Along with friends, we would make-believe that there was a pandemic of some sort and I was the who could help everyone. However, as I grew older and learned more about my strengths and weaknesses, I learned I was not only terrible at math, but I disliked it with a passion, and although I enjoyed all sciences except chemistry, being a doctor was not in the cards for me. I wouldn’t be the person in a white lab coat figuring out what was wrong with patients. However, that hasn’t deterred me from wanting to work in health instituions and still be responsible for helping those who are in need.

imagesPublic Health is universal, but that doesn’t mean medications, hostpitals and doctors are readily avaialble. Being in the public health sphere holds the key to so many avenues and agendas, and with a love for  health, the environment and people, I have chosen to puruse a degree in MPH (Master’s of Public Health) focusing on Global Health with a concentrain in Infectious Diseases, and possible certificates for Maternal Child or Humanitarian Emergencies starting in the Fall semester of 2019/2020. Emory Rollins School of Public Health based in Atlanta, Georgia is the best school I’ve found for its’ reputation, the school being adjacent to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as having organizations like CARE, the American CAncer Society, the Arthritis Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of America, and The Carter Center less than five miles from the school, and for being centrally located in what is known as the “Public Health Capital of the World.”

Having been in Honduras for 8 years and having traveled and lived in developing countries, I have gotten a first-hand look into the world that is public health. Although the countries I have been to are going through great strides to bring awareness about health – it’s still not enough. Why? There are still so many communities in the world who have yet to receive education on health topics and it’s an issue that limits the growth of the country. Peace Corps helped me to realize my future potential in the public health arena and helped to hone in on what I am most passionate about. Although being a teacher brings great satisfaction and a sense of personal achievement, it’s not meant for me. Having worked with children of all ages since I was 19, I am ready to conquer other challenges. I’m ready and willing to learn more about my passions to affect change and leave a mark in this world in infectious diseases, maternal and child health, community health and development, and/or reproductive health.images (2)

With my Peace Corps adventures coming to a close, I am ready for the next grand adventure; the one that will challenge me, frustrate me, empower me and change me. Maybe it is with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, or some other fabulous health organization, I’m ready to leave my mark in Public Health.

Note: Shortly upon my arrival back to the States, I will sign up for a Stats or Calc Class, as well as an English writing class. I am determined to get into my dream school – whatever the means necessary.

Also, sorry for my absence in posting. There has been some connectivity problems in site and therefore, have not been able to post any new blogs. I will be updating some more in the next day or so.


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