Supermen of the world

Fathers are just as important as mothers in helping to raise well-adjusted and happy people. Fathers are most often the providers and the one who learn to bond with their children outside the womb. They’re the one to teach you the “man” things like changing a tire, fixing faucets, and going fishing with. They’re also the first ones to show their little girls how a man is supposed to treat a lady by the loving way he treats his own woman. He’s tender with his woman, shows her respects and cares for her. Just like it takes two to tango, it takes two to raise a child. I am lucky to have many role models show me what makes a good father and a good husband.


John is my dad and he kicks butt. He’s the one who stepped up and became the father I needed him to be. He stepped in to raise three children who were not biologically his but loved them. He’s the one I want to call on father’s day and he’s the one I want to walk me down the aisle. He cares and helps support me if needed, even after the divorce between him and my mom. People might have thought and asked if he was my grandfather, but nope, he’s just my amazing dad.

1382048_10151888146873459_1926724402_nArmando is my father and I look just like him. Although we are not as close as I would like to be, he has been there for the big moments after I turned 15. He bought my first car, was there for graduation and was there in Portland, Oregon for my brother’s wedding, and I am sure he will likely be at my own wedding someday. There is still much to learn about him as he still remains a mystery to me, but ever since he came into my life, I felt whole and fixed. No more daddy issues for me. I enjoyed learning and looking forward to meeting his side of the family, where turns out, I have a living grandmother. He is responsible for extending the Vilorio line. And after all, I love the name Vilorio.

37057_10153301937785567_2078137882_nMy brother, having recently just turned a father himself, is the most mature man I know. He wasn’t always around as a child, but he has turned it around as an adult. One of my favorite memories with him is when he came into my room during his vacation from Peace Corps, and he sat down on the bed and we talked for what seemed like hours. I just know what a wonderful father he will be. From what I have seen from pictures and videos, he loves being a father.


Marcus is a phenomenal father to almost two children. He’s taken good care of my beloved sister and done so with the utmost respect. It might not always have been smooth but he is the father and husband that he was meant to be. When I became an adult, Marcus was there to help and I look back at our conversations with fondness. Nate is lucky and soon the new baby will be lucky to have him as a  father, too.

Pops Wedman has done a great job of raising his three boys but credit goes to him for helping make his oldest into such a fine man. He is the man today because of you. I don’t really have much more to say except thank  you. He is so much like you.


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