Dear President-elect Trump

President-elect Trump,

Now more than ever the Peace Corps is needed to help tackle twenty-first century challenges. Please ensure a bigger, better Peace Corps. This will result in:

  • Stronger National Security — 73 percent of host country counterparts have a better opinion of Americans after knowing a Peace Corps Volunteer. Volunteers teach democratic values, facilitate democratic institutions, and inspire democratic leaders. Moreover, Peace Corps is the farm system for our foreign service and overseas businesses with the language, technical and cultural skills needed for stronger partnerships. Simply put, the Peace Corps helps make the world a safer place.

  • More Jobs — Because of a lack of funding, only one in five Peace Corps Volunteer applicants is invited to serve in the Peace Corps and thousands of host country requests go unmet. A lost opportunity to serve our country through the Peace Corps is a lost job. Let’s create more.

  • Smarter, Cheaper Aid — There are no handouts in the Peace Corps. Volunteers work on sustainable projects at the grassroots level and in partnership with communities to combat HIV/AIDS, educate girls, and give young men advancement opportunities. At just 7,000 Volunteers and $410 million a year, the Peace Corps is the American taxpayer’s best bang for its buck.

Since 1961, 220,000 Americans of all backgrounds have partnered with 141 countries in the pursuit of peace, progress and understanding. Let’s build a safer world, provide more opportunities for Americans, and partner in smart, cost-efficient development by improving and expanding the Peace Corps.


Andrea Vilorio



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